Useful Info / Pro Tips

 The secret to a great Spray tan is how well you prepare your skin prior to the application, exfoliating thoroughly will ensure that your spray tan goes on even and stays even.  

If you want your tan to last longer you should avoid activities that exfoliate your skin, such as cardio exercise that makes you sweat excessively, swimming for extended periods of time, soaking in the hot tub, seating in steam rooms or saunas, etc.

If you want to use a tan extender after your spray tan, we suggest you use a tanning mitt to apply it in order to avoid streaking.

You must wear sunscreen if you will be going under the sun, the spray tan does not protect your skin from UV rays.

Results vary from person to person, if you are spray tanning for the first time, you should shower sooner than later. After you know how your skin develops the tan, you can wait longer to shower the next time you spray tan.

Do not wait more that the advised times above to shower. Waiting longer than advised doesn’t mean your tan will be darker.

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