after you tan

If needed, Blow dry body with cool air, you can stand under a/c vent or use a hair dryer with cool shot button, until the solution is absorbed and dry.

Wear dark loose fitting clothing.

Wait 8 – 12 Hours to shower for premium tan, and rinse your hands carefully with only water after 4 hours, see more info on showering times below.

Wait 1 -3 Hours to shower for premium express tan, see more info on showering times below.

Do not work out for at least 12 hours after application.

Do not swim or go in the Hot tub for 24 hours.

Wear dark pants and long sleeved clothing to sleep before your first shower.

Do not use Dove brand products for the duration of your spray tan.

Do not moisturize for 24 hours after your spray tan and do not apply anything to your skin until your first shower.

After 24 hours of application, moisturize every day with a natural moisturizer, preferably alcohol free.

For premium express tan use cool Water only on your first shower. Do not use soap or other products.

For premium tan you may use soap lightly on your first shower.

Pat dry skin, do not rub skin with towel.

Do not shave or wax for at least 48 hours.


Shower Times:  


8 Hours – Light to Medium tan

 10 Hours – Medium Tan

12 Hours – Medium to Dark tan


1 Hour – Light Tan

2 Hours – Medium Tan

3 Hours – Dark Tan